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At Gralco we have the main certifications and quality seals to guarantee to our customers total security and confidence in our products:




amfori BSCI Certification, Grade A:

amfori BSCI enables companies to trade with propose by improving social performance in their supply chain. It has a strong code of conduct with 11 principles that suppor their members like GRALCO SA. These range from fair remuneration to no child labour. along with a step-by-step approach that enables companies to monitor, engage, get empowered and receive support to put sustainable trade at the heart of their business.




BRCGS Certification

​The BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard for Food Safety was created to ensure supplier compliance and secure retailers’ ability to guarantee the quality and safety of the food products they sell.




APR Certification

The APR certification (Atún de Pesca Responsable in spanish)  is based on the UNE 195006 Standard born in 2016 in response to the growing demand to guarantee a responsible fishing activity for tuna, covering all the factors that interfere with the conservation of natural and human resources.




HACCP Cerfication

HACCP is a systematic preventive process to guarantee food safety, in a logical and objective way, verified and granted by INVIMA.



Dolphin Safe Certification 

DOLPHIN SAFE is one of the most effective environmental monitoring programs for the conservation of marine life.

Tuna companies with this certification guarantee that their fisheries work to end the practice of intentional cornering of dolphins and other species.



IFS Food Certification 

The IFS certificate means that the certified company has established appropriate processes to guarantee the safety of the products it manufactures and respects the specifications of its customers.



ISO 9001:2015 Certification 

The ISO 9001: 2015 Standard is the basis of the Quality Management System – SGC. It is an international standard that focuses on all elements of quality management that a company must have in order to have an effective system that allows it to manage and improve the quality of its products or services.





MSC Certification

MSC or “Marine Stewardship Council” sets the standards for sustainable fishing and traking of certified sustainable fishery products. This blue label guarantees the product comes from sustainable fishing thar complies with the standard and the different international guidelines of good practices ragarding certification and eco-labeling.





Kosher UO Certification

Kosher foods are prepared according to Jewish dietary standards, woch are permissible for consumption, since they meet the requirements of the diet in the Hebrew Bible. Therefore, food certified with this label guarantee thay they comply with the rules of the Jewish religion, in addition to providing security and confidence to the consumer regarding its manufacturing process. A company with this certification assures the consumer that it is honest about the ingredients that are used during the production process.

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