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We are concerned about environmental global issues, that is why in Gralco we work for the maintenance of marine ecosystems, taking into account that they are the bases for our business growing and sustainability.
We have as fundamental pillar the traceability of our products from the capture of the raw material to the final products offered to customers.

These are some programs that are part of our value chain:


    • FAD Free: No use of devices to attract mainly growing stage tunas.
    • APR / FIP: Joint effort of the actors, from fishing to the consumer, in the development and implementation of the sustainability of tuna.
    • MSC: Seeking the sustainability of tuna based on three pillars:
      – Fishing must be carried out at levels that allow the continuity of the fish.
      – Fishing should be done with the least environmental impact, not affecting the ecosystem.
      – Efficient fishing that is well managed and transparent.
    • DOLPHIN SAFE: World program for the protection of dolphins during tuna fishing.

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