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At Gralco we work to strengthen and achieve our Social Responsibility Plan, contributing to the nutrition of thousands of people and children in need.

Nowadays we donate more than 1.300 tuna cans monthly to ONGs like: Nu3, Hogar San Camilo, Asilo San José, Fundación Social Corazonista Hermano Policarpo, Fundación Germen de Paz, Albergue Escuela ABC, Fundación Catedral Metropolitana de Barranquilla, Fundación Social Caminos de María, Fraternidad Carmelitana, and others.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and with our social campaign LA OLA DEL SABOR, we donte more than 50 thousand tuna cans around Colombia to supply the needs of thousands families in the most critical moments of quarantine time.

Internally, we promote the hiring of mothers who are heads of the household, a point that we consider very important in our selection processes, for this reason, a large part of our workers are fighting women who bring their families forward every day with their effort and dedication.

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